Founded in 2015, BayoTech builds modular chemical reactors for low-cost, distributed production of hydrogen and fertilizer products.


Our Mission

BayoTech builds modular distributed chemical reactors.

With improved heating efficiency and energy management, and by utilizing off-the shelf materials, the cost of production for hydrogen, ammonia, and urea is reduced by at least 25%. Distributed production also reduces transportation costs and enables the customized production of fertilizer for local consumption.

BayoTech’s chemical reactors reduce GHG emissions by at least 25% and could be as high as 80% depending on the feedstock. Finally, the chemical industry can take advantage of disruptive technologies often found in telecommunication and the computer industry which created new opportunities for existing industries. 

What We've Achieved

  • Founded in 2015

  • One of six graduates of the Yield Lab Venture Accelerator Program (125 companies considered for the program)

  • Recipient of a $1.5M investment from Cottonwood Technology Funds (September 2016)