Our product line: Keeping it simple.


We offer one product: the H2-1000.

The wrapping might be different, but on the inside they are all precisely the same.

This modular approach assures quality control, provides performance predictability, keeps costs low and gives customers the ability to scale and customize as they need, sourcing feedstock from natural gas pipelines. We offer leasing options, making it easier to access hydrogen without a significant capital investment.


What can our H2-1000 do?



Up to 99.999% pure hydrogen, which meets the level required by hydrogen fuel cells.


From 200 kg to 1 tonne per day – that’s enough to fill 200 Toyota Mirais a day with a 300 mile range for each car.


Reformers are built and tested at our factory in New Mexico. We support the install at your site so that you can start operations with a 6- month lead time. Once you’re up and running, it is easy to scale production in whichever direction your business requires. Through our maintenance plan you can bring us in for annual performance check-ins.

One Product, Many Markets

Today our H2-1000 modular reformers give hydrogen consumers in three key markets a powerful option.


The world continues to demand faster and better crop production, relying heavily on ammonia fertilizer. BayoTech makes it possible to produce hydrogen locally, and in the future to produce ammonia. On-site production of ammonia removes transportation, reduces the carbon footprint and lowers costs associated with improving crop growth.

Fuel Cells.png

As cities strive for zero tailpipe emissions from trucking and bus transport and an alternative to diesel and consumers look for alternatives to gas engines, Bayotech provides a more flexible, lower carbon and cost-efficient way to create hydrogen for fueling stations. In addition, BayoTech can provide hydrogen for stationary applications such as electricity from fuel cells.


Hydrogen enables refineries to comply with changing product specifications and environmental requirements for fuel production. As governments and industry work towards improving environmental performance, hydrogen is projected to play an increasingly significant part of that solution. Bayotech can support existing plants and new ones by producing lower carbon hydrogen on site and building only what is required today.

Why Go Modular?

More efficient.

BayoTech’s reactor is 25% more efficient than traditional hydrogen production. For our customers this translates to less feedstock, less space, and lower costs to produce the same hydrogen.  

No more long-haul hydrogen shipments. 

With on-site hydrogen generation, there’s only a one-time trip from our factory in New Mexico to the customer. Compare this to traditional steam methane reforming, where long-haul shipping accounts for as much as 50% of associated costs for traditional hydrogen generation.

Smaller carbon footprint.

Bayotech’s thermal efficiency reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40%, compared to traditional hydrogen generation technology.