The BayoTech nested flow technology powers our advanced chemical reformer designs.

Hydrogen Car

Distributed Hydrogen Production

BayoTech’s Steam Methane Reformer focuses on energy and heat recuperation with its Nested-Flow Reformers. By focusing on heat recuperation, energy efficiency of the process is improved.

Whether the volume is 300 kg/day or 50 tons/day, the compact design of BayoTech’s reformers allows for a small footprint and high levels of efficiency.

The reformers are compact and use a unique process to manufacture hydrogen. The reaction is the same as larger plants using the same or similar catalysts; however, the Nested-Flow reformers provide unrivaled heat recuperation, decreasing the amount of energy required to produce a ton of Hydrogen. This means less flue-gas, less energy required, and lower CO2 emissions. The small footprint of BayoTech’s SMR’s fit nicely in the emerging Fuel Cell Vehicle market as now hydrogen can be produced on site, more cost effectively addressing the need to meet H2 parity with gasoline cost per mile.

Modular Manufacturing and Deployment

The BayoTech systems are manufactured in a fabrication location as a skid and shipped to the end destination for plumbing. This simplifies the manufacturing process and improves quality. Using a system called Design for Manufacturing and then Design for Maintenance, the systems offer lower cost and shorter deployment timelines. Project timelines are shortened and product is on the market more quickly, increasing clients’ ability to meet customer needs.