Justin Eisenach is the Chief Executive Officer at BayoTech. Prior to forming BayoTech, Justin served as President and CEO at Agrebon, a global nitrogen fertilizer production company, where he met and worked with Scott Dyer. Dyer and Eisenach later formed and led GET Microsolutions, where Justin served as COO and successfully launched a nationally branded, retail lawn and garden product. Eisenach’s passion is finding and implementing efficiencies in plant management. With BayoTech, Eisenach sees a tremendous opportunity to impact the chemical reactor industry, beginning with the production of nitrogen fertilizer and hydrogen.

A Minute with Justin:

“In 1995, I developed the business plan and conducted the equity drive for the first value-added closed cooperative beyond North Dakota, called Mountain View Harvest Cooperative. MVH was owned by 250 Colorado Wheat farmers who shared a desire to move forward in the food chain. With the business plan in place, the bakery produced $5M in sales when it was purchased. Five years later we had 3 production sites on both coasts and topped $50M in sales. Further, the labor force grew leaps and bounds - from 45 employees to 225. Today, I see the nitrogen fertilizer and hydrogen industries in a similar situation. Like the wheat farmers, they want to move forward in the production chain. Right now they don’t have what they need to make that a reality. BayoTech’s technology, however, will propel these and other industries forward, allowing for significant cost savings, job creation and more.”  

Justin can be reached at Justin@BayoTech.us, 303-525-3954

Our Team

Scott Dyer

VP Business Development

Milton Vernon is the Chief Technology Officer at BayoTech. Vernon is the co-inventor an patent-holder of Nested Flow Technology, the key component of BayoTech’s chemical reactors. Prior to forming BayoTech, Milton spent 33 years as a nuclear engineer and lead researcher at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. To BayoTech, in addition to co-inventing the key technology, Vernon brings significant expertise and prowess as a nuclear engineer.

A minute with Milton:

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“I remember the day I got ‘The Email’ from Justin Eisenach. He wanted to know if the Nested Flow Technology could be applied to nitrogen fertilizer production, which is currently a costly endeavor in the U.S. and worldwide. I sat with the idea for some time, talked to my fellow researchers, and about 6 months later I finally replied to Justin.”

“‘Yes.’ I told him. ‘Yes, this technology can absolutely be used as you suggested.’ After so many years and iterations working on Nested Flow, it was exciting to know it could have such an impact on numerous industries – and at a global scale. I’m thrilled to have met Eisenach and Dyer and to lead the technology team. We are creating jobs, lowering costs and reducing the carbon footprint. BayoTech is changing the infrastructure of chemical production for multiple industries in the United States and indeed the world.

Milton Vernon can be reached at Milton@BayoTech.us, 505-639-9226 

Justin Eisenach 


Milton Vernon

Chief Technical Officer

Scott Dyer is the Vice President of Business Development at BayoTech. Previously, as Chief Science Officer at Agregon, Dyer (and Eisenach) sought solutions for producing nitrogen fertilizer on-site and at scale. In the early 2000s, Dyer served as CEO of GET Microsolutions where he and co-founder Eisenach produced environmentally friendly home and pet care products. Scott was also Chief Science Officer at Erth Solutions. Dyer possesses intimate knowledge in the chemistry of plants and the chemical industry at-large. He is passionate about and skilled at identifying the factors that affect plant growth and development, including nitrogen fertilizers.


A Minute with Scott:

“The BayoTech opportunity is very exciting. As a team, the question we began with was where to start. In order to make nitrogen fertilizer, the critical ingredient is hydrogen.  With this in mind, I began to consider other consumers of hydrogen, an exercise that proved to be more telling than I realized. I was stunned at both the opportunity and the need to make hydrogen in a distributed manner. These markets are developing rapidly. Though we don’t know exactly where the market will end, we at BayoTech are along for the ride, and we intend to bring a valuable piece to the puzzle.”


“Like the hydrogen market, the fertilizer market is fungible and in need of distributed production. Far too much of the selling price of the product is in transport. Where those costs are high – that is where BayoTech’s greatest value will be realized.  Our first two markets are hydrogen and nitrogen fertilizer, but these are just the start of the many opportunities afforded by BayoTech’s Nested-Flow Reactors.”

Scott can be reached at scott@BayoTech.us. 970-215-3161

Board Of Directors:

Dave Blivin - Cottonwood Technology FundManaging Director

Dave has extensive experience working with the National Labs and research universities in the Southwestern US, as well as nationally at the leadership and research-heads levels. Prior to founding Cottonwood Technology Fund, Dave founded and served as Managing Director of Southeast Interactive, the first and largest information technology-focused fund in the Southeast.

While at Southeast Interactive, Dave helped raise three funds totaling more than $175 million. He was directly involved in fundraising and exit transaction events totaling in excess of $1 billion across the portfolio, and he generated cash on cash returns on his directed investments of approximately 4X. Watch Dave talk about his work in the Future of High Tech Aftermovie.

Dave holds a MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Sally Corning - Sun Mountain Capital

Sally is a Co-Founder and Partner at Sun Mountain Capital. Sally has extensive experience in evaluating investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, structuring transactions and raising equity and debt capital in both the public and private markets. She has worked in investment banking at Dean Witter Reynolds, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Prior to co-founding Sun Mountain Capital, Ms. Corning worked for 13 years in Credit Suisse’s Private Placement Group, where she led the evaluation of numerous companies and fund sponsors and structured, marketed and executed over 40 private transactions. Sally has an MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a BSBA in Finance from Georgetown University.

Sally is a Board Member of Sun Mountain portfolio companies xF Technologies and Risk Sense, Inc. as well as a Board Observer for Sun Mountain's investment in Sundrop Fuels. Past investments include nanoMR (acquired by DNAe) . Sally serves on the Limited Partner Advisory Committee for a number of private equity funds, is a Trustee for the Thornburg Investment Trust and is a member of the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Venture Capital Association.

Bob Jung - Independent Board Member 

Robert Jung retired as a Regional President of Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico after almost 40 years in banking. He has served as President of Great Southwest Council of Boy Scouts, and chaired boards of Quality New Mexico, United Way of Central New Mexico and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Currently he serves on several for profit and not for profit boards that include the Investment Committee, Presbyterian Healthcare Services.