At Bayotech,  we make energy production scalable and more efficient than ever before.
                          We Are Creating A Step Change in the Chemical Reactor Industry


When Nucor pioneered the mini mill in 1969, an enormous step change in the steel industry was brewing. Today? Mini mills, which rely on scrap metal as their main raw material source, account for about 60% of U.S. steel production. Prior to the mini mill, steel was made by integrated steel producers in energy-intensive blast furnaces. Nucor began a new era in American steel making in 1969. Soon the word spread, and their economical, reliable method of steelmaking became in high demand by outside customers.*

Our Story

2010 - When Bayotech CTO Milton Vernon was the lead researcher on a project at Sandia National Laboratories, he discovered a diamond in the rough. Vernon discovered what was to become known as “Nested Flow Technology” – a method of producing chemicals with a completely new and truly revolutionary approach. Instead of large plants that cost several billion dollars to build and operate, Vernon had landed on a technology that would provide users with the ability to produce chemicals on-site – at the point of consumption. It all boils down to heat transfer. With nested flow, Vernon and his team invented a way to house a tremendous amount of surface area in a much smaller, more contained space: Tubes within tubes within tubes.

“When I realized we could capture and control the heat of a chemical reaction, I knew the implications could lead to revolutionary change. It was a thrilling discovery we made, and this technology is the momentum behind Bayotech. As Nucor is to the steel industry, we are to the chemical reactor industry. As the personal computer (PC) made mainframe computers a thing of the past, we believe our innovative system has the power to make large, costly chemical plants a thing of the past as well.”

2014 - Meanwhile, Scott Dyer and Justin Eisenach had been searching for a cost effective method that would take nitrogen fertilizer production to the point of consumption.. “We needed to find a way to reduce – or possibly eliminate - the transportation variable in the cost of nitrogen fertilizer. We knew if we could do that, it would effect groundbreaking change in the agriculture industry not just in the U.S., but around the world,” said Eisenach. They left no stone unturned

June, 2015 - Justin discovered the concept of the Nested Flow reactor on the Sandia portal. He was intrigued about its potential applications. He sent a cold email to Vernon. “Can this technology be applied to the production of nitrogen fertilizer?” Weeks and months passed with no response.

Vernon had received the e-mail, but before he could reply with certainty, he had to determine if the Nested Flow Reactors could product  hydrogen, urea and ammonia.

November 2015 -  After a number of months and dozens of discussions with his research team, Vernon told Justin and Scott – “Yes. This technology can solve your problem.” The three men Eisenach, Vernon and Dyer – set up a time to meet.

December 2015 – Together, Justin, Scott and Milton knew this technology could solve problems in multiple industries. In March of 2015, they officially formed BayoTech to commercialize the Nested Flow Reactors.


BayoTech can effect truly monumental change in many industries. Our current focus is in the areas of nitrogen fertilizer production and hydrogen. These markets alone have incredible market opportunity, and we are excited to share our story. With nested flow technology and the BayoTech system, growers in remote areas of the world will have access to the product they need to grow food for their towns and villages. We address the problem of food production and distribution thereof. Consumers of hydrogen will have access to the chemicals they need to power their materials handling (word choice there?), fleets and hydrogen powered vehicles. We address a growing market that seeks to maximize efficiencies and minimize the carbon footprint.

 With our technology, we make energy production scalable and more efficient than ever. BayoTech is at the forefront of a paradigm-shift in chemical production. And we’re just getting started.


*source: Nucor Web site