OUR Story 

Why not remove transport from the equation and generate hydrogen where it is used?

To do that we looked to research done by Sandia National Laboratory, where they discovered ways to generate hydrogen efficiently at a smaller scale. We built from that idea, testing technologies and systems until we built a reformer that generates hydrogen purity levels of 99.999% with 25% more efficiency and 40% fewer carbon emissions. 

We see enormous value in making steam methane reforming more efficient. It benefits our customers, our environment, and our effort to make it easier for innovators to power, heat and transport to meet the potential of hydrogen.

About BayoTech

BayoTech is a hydrogen company.

We developed a modular steam methane reformer - the Bayonet Reformer - that produces high-quality hydrogen using 25% less resources and with a 40% smaller carbon footprint than large scale plants. Our goal is to bring hydrogen generation to where it is being used to make it more accessible to the people who want to be part of the hydrogen economy.