BayoTech is lighting the path for the fast-growing hydrogen market.
With our “plug and play” systems, we help innovators in the transportation sector charge ahead.Type your paragraph here.

The BayoTech Difference
Bayotech’s Nested Flow Technology localizes this commodity. We provide consumers the access they need - at the point of consumption. 

BayoTech is transforming the transportation industry with our patented Nested-Flow Technology, developed in support of the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Hydrogen Production Program. Hydrogen can now be produced - and transported – faster and more efficiently than ever. Our Nested Flow Reactors allows hydrogen to be produced at the point of consumption. Now, fleet operators can increase the installation rate of hydrogen fueling stations in the United States and on a global scale. 

The future of the transportation industry - indeed how the world and its products travel - is changing.
BayoTech helps innovators charge ahead.

Why Hydrogen?
Hydrogen has become an increasingly popular alternative to gas and battery-powered vehicles due to its emission-free nature.Hydrogen refueling stations are increasing slowly, but remain few and far between. This is largely due to limited access to hydrogen. 

BayoTech’s Nested Flow Reactor Systems:

  • Can Produce up to 5000 kg of hydrogen per day, enough to produce 5 megawatts.
  • Provide fuel for  PEM Cell uses
  • Lower the distributed cost of hydrogen production by 25%.
  • Improve energy efficiency lowering emissions.
  • Reduce water consumption by 90%.

The Hydrogen Economy: