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BayoTech offers investors exposure to the growing global demand for products that can be produced at the point of consumption, specifically hydrogen and nitrogen fertilizers. With our patented technology that drastically reduces costs and provides a unique opportunity to scale production, BayoTech is uniquely positioned to lead its customers into a local everywhere revolution.

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Where are We Now?

Initial Funding: The Yield Lab $100,000 in January 2016.
This seed capital allowed BayoTech to secure Round A Funding.

Round A Funding:  BayoTech has succeeded in securing $2,000,000

  • New Mexico Catalyst Fund:
  • Cottonwood Technology Fund:
  • Sun Mountain Capital:

With this funding, we have established headquarters in NM with staff in place. Engineering is currently underway for one SMR Prototype expected to be completed by Q4 2017. 

Why Invest in BayoTech?

The Nested-flow reactors significantly improve operating efficiency. As a result the carbon footprint is reduced. As an example the ammonia market consumes 5-6% of the natural gas in the world. Improving energy efficiency can have a large impact on global CO2 emissions. 

Significant Market Opportunity: Nitrogen Fertilizer

Existing North America Market for fertilizer equipment sales is $2 Billion per year.
The worldwide market for ammonia is growing 1-2% per year on a base of 160 million tons. At 1% growth rate the annual increase is 16 million tons. Each BayoTech nitrogen system produces 9800 ammonia tons per year. It would take 1,600 BayoTech systems added each year to meet the incremental demand.

 Significant Market Opportunity: Hydrogen Economy:

To produce hydrogen, our nested-flow technology lowers costs by 25%, a significant savings compared to current systems.
“In the last two decades, changes in the SMR (steam methane reforming) process have only generated about 11 percent gains in production efficiency,” Cottonwood managing partner David Blivin said. “If you can suddenly jump 25 percent in efficiency, that can have a huge impact on providing these chemicals at lower cost.”

 BayoTech’s 7 Licensed and Filed Patents:

1 patent on nested flow technology
6 additional patents expanding use and technology

 National Attention:

2016 Yield Lab Accelerator Graduate
BayoTech recently graduated from The Yield Lab Venture Accelerator Program. BayoTech and 5 other companies graduated in the Class of 2016. 125 companies were screened, 6 were chosen. 

 Global Attention:

BayoTech selected to present at Clean Equity Monaco, an invitation-only event hosted by Innovator Capital. BayoTech was been identified by an expert panel as one of the world's most innovative sustainable technology companies. They presented to senior financial and strategic cleantech investors, policy makers, legislators, end users and media.

 United Suppliers Off-take Agreement

As early incentive for fertilizer producers to use our technology, BayoTech has negotiated a transferrable fertilizer purchase agreement with United Suppliers. We guarantee the first 100 plant operators who sign on cannot lose money. 

Experience: The BayoTech Team

Justin Eisenach  
Milton Vernon   
Scott Dyer  


BayoTech Creates Jobs

Research and Development: Albuquerque, NM

Manufacturing:  Systems will be manufactured initially in the United States

System Sales: Create jobs at a local level, keeping more income locally. 

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BayoTech in the News

(9/8/2016 )Cottonwood Technology Funds Invests in Modular Fertilizer Plant
(5/22/2017) BayoTech Lands $2M from State-Backed Investment Fund

6/15/2017) BayoTech Chooses New Mexico as Home Base