Fertilizer Production

BayoTech is paving the way for the crop producers in the United States – and around the globe.
With our “plug and play” systems, fertilizer consumers have access to the product they need – on-site.
We help lighten the load.

Hydrogen                  +          Ammonia         +            CO2      =     50 tons urea per day

“With BayoTech’s patented technology, the efficiencies and freedoms the agriculture industry will experience are unprecedented” (either a stand-alone statement or quote from a founder?)

BayoTech is transforming the agriculture industry with our patented Nested-Flow Technology (link to page 3),  Developed in support of the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Hydrogen Production Program, the Nested Flow Technology was born. Nitrogen fertilizer can now be produced - and transported – faster and more efficiently than ever. Our Nested Flow Reactors allows crop enhancing chemicals to be produced on-site, at the point of consumption.

 Developing World

“BayoTech’s solution is extremely applicable to the developing world where farms are held back - more than anything else - by being able to get nutrients to the land. If a BayoTech plant could be placed within a few miles of these farms, it would cut down the pricing and open these farms up to much needed yield improvements.” Jeff Peterson, Managing Director, The Yield Lab. (need approval for this)

We help fertilizer retailers:

·       Generate 50 tons of urea/day - enough fertilizer to produce 16 million bushels of corn.

This can be produced in three 40' shipping containers wherever natural gas or biogas is available.

·       Provide 25% energy and conversion efficiency improvement, at a better capital cost per ton of urea than large facilities.