BayoTech's Nested-flow is just such a solution.

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Designer Fertilizer

By creating the fertilizer at the point of consumption micronutrients can be added to customize the fertilizer to the local area. Increasing yields and efficiency. Making the world a better place

Hydrogen Production Optimized

Up to 90% efficient in conversion of methane to H2. The greatest cost of hydrogen is methane.

The world's first modular, scalable, and rapidly

deployable  platform for the production of Hydrogen  and nitrogen fertilizer for the agricultural and industrial markets

Cottonwood Technology Fund Announces Investment in BayoTech, Inc.

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Creators of Nested-flow chemical reactors 

BayoTech recently graduated from The Yield Lab Venture Accelerator Program. BayoTech and 5 other companies graduated in the Class of 2016. 125 companies were screened and six chosen. 

HYDROGEN​  + NITROGEN          =                  AMMONIA      + CO2          =                              UREA


BayoTech, Inc

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50 tons of urea/day can be produced in three 40' shipping containers wherever natural gas or biogas is available. This is enough fertilizer to produce 16,000,000 bushels of corn. 

Hydrogen and Fertilizer production at the point of consumption


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Hydrogen Production at the point of consumption

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The issue of producing food for a growing population is complex. One of the complex issues is the cost of nitrogen fertilizer facilities. A more cost effective solution is required. Bringing production to the point of consumption is the solution.

President: Justin Eisenach

  • Former President AGREBON.
  • Founder of Gerard's Bakery, a value added wheat producer owned bakery.

Chief Technology Officer: Milton Vernon.

  • A nuclear engineer, retired after 33 years from Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Developer and patent holder of Nested-flow chemical reactors.

VP Business Development: Scott Dyer

  • Former CSO of AGREBON. 
  • Has held management positions with Deere, Sandoz and Monsanto.

Nitrogen Fertilizer

BayoTech's Nested-flow systems allow nitrogen fertilizer production at the point of consumption. 

BayoTech's Nested-flow chemical reactor is a local everywhere revolution.

Santa Fe, NM, September 6, 2016


Cottonwood Technology Fund Announces Investment in BayoTech, Inc.


Cottonwood Technology Funds, a top performing investor in technology start-ups in the Southwest, US and Northern Europe, announced today a $1.5M investment in BayoTech Inc.. BayoTech has developed a unique nested-flow approach to the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) process. This nested–flow approach was originally developed and demonstrated at Sandia National Laboratories.  BayoTech has licensed the technology from Sandia and enhanced the technology for broader applications.


The SMR process is widely used throughout the chemicals industry, producing hydrogen and carbon monoxide for many applications.  Among these applications are hydrogen for use in both transportation and stationary fuel cells, and both hydrogen and carbon monoxide as chemical feedstocks. The nested-flow process specifically enhances ammonia, fertilizer, propane and electricity production. The nested-flow approach dramatically improves the energy efficiency of chemical processes.  For the SMR process a 25% reduction in energy usage and a significant reduction in process scale are achieved using this technology. This means smaller regionally located production facilities can compete on production price while also significantly reducing transportation costs and logistics – not unlike mini-mills transformed the steel industry.


“We couldn’t be happier to have Cottonwood endorse our approach and provide the capital needed to prove our technology at production scale initially here in New Mexico,” said Justin Eisenach, CEO of Bayotech. “We are confident that our new process can compete across multiple industries.”


Said Dave Blivin, Managing Partner of the Cottonwood Technology Funds, “We are excited by the prospect of the Bayotech technology’s ability to compete in many application areas. Because their demonstration unit will be at production scale, the ability to transition quickly from demonstration to production is an attractive additional benefit of their technology.”


About Bayotech

Bayotech, Inc. is a development stage company focused on applying its proprietary nested-flow technology to the production of hydrogen, fertilizer and many other relevant applications. BayoTech is a 2016 Yield Lab portfolio company. Visit

About Cottonwood

Cottonwood Technology Funds is a seed and early-stage technology commercialization fund with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Enschede, the Netherlands. It invests in technology-related (particularly telecom, chemistry/material sciences, photonics, biosciences, robotics and new energy) businesses originating throughout the Southwest region of the US and also in Northern Europe. These regions include numerous national laboratories, over a dozen major research universities and several major research medical centers. Current investments include Skorpios, Clear Flight Solutions, xF Technologies (formerly Incitor), Eurekite, Respira, Trilumina, Acme Materials, OPNT and Exagen. Visit