On-site Hydrogen Production

The more efficient, less expensive alternative to large-scale hydrogen production.

More than 95% of all hydrogen produced is through large steam methane reformers. Our modular reactors are a fraction of the size and deliver world class performance, with 25% greater efficiency and 40% lower carbon emissions than legacy plants.

How do we do this?

We created small yet powerful modular reformers building on technology first developed by Sandia National Laboratory. By tapping into the existing network of natural gas pipelines, we move production of hydrogen to where it is being used. This eliminates long-haul transport by ships, trains and trucks, which accounts for as much as 50% of the cost of hydrogen to the end user.

What does this mean for hydrogen consumers?

We’re giving hydrogen consumers a powerful choice today across agricultural, fuel cell, and energy markets. Our goal is to make it more accessible so that more innovators, industrialists, farmers, and engineers can join the hydrogen economy to power cities, heat homes, use for end product creation, transport people, and fertilize crops. Moving hydrogen production on-site is the first step in making it more affordable and accessible.